Online trainings: Integration of ESG in company management

In continuation of the successfully held event “Responsible Business Conduct”, organized by Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), in its capacity as the National Contact Point of Bulgaria, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and BSMEPA invite you to free online training on the topic : “Integrating ESG into Company Management”.

Why is this training right for you? Because the processes of sustainable development and the impacts of business from wishful thinking become mandatory. If the non-financial reporting requirements for you are growing, if the pressure is increasing from your international partners and customers and you are part of the supply chain of global companies – this training is an opportunity to understand more, set your clock and advance.

The training will be held on 27th and 29th November

Form of conduct: Online

Duration: 4 hours

The training will be divided into 4 modules on two separate days. Each module will touch on a different topic of sustainable business development. We recommend participating in all modules to get the full picture. Representatives of different units/departments in the companies can be included, according to their responsibilities and the topics that concern them.

What will you learn in Modules 1 and 2?

  • What does ESG mean and how can it work for your business?
  • What are ESG-related regulations and how do they affect you?
  • What does the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) provide?
  • How does the EU Taxonomy, which defines which activities are sustainable, give companies additional access to finance?

What will you learn in Modules 3 and 4?

  • What is the carbon footprint of a company or product?
  • How to manage the climate theme?
  • How is a decarbonisation strategy created?
  • What makes a product sustainable?

We will talk with many examples from practice and act out specific scenarios and case studies that are of interest to companies, there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Who will conduct the trainings?

The denkstatt company is the most experienced in consulting on ESG, decarbonization, environmental management, creating corporate sustainability reports in Bulgaria. The company has been on the market for 16 years, and its team consists of nearly 30 people. denkstatt consultants work with various industries in relation to changes and upcoming requirements of European regulations and investor expectations.

If you are already working on topics related to ESG, decarbonization, product sustainability and reporting, you can send your questions in advance to:

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