Presentation of NCP-Bulgaria to newly arrived representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps

On October 18, 2023, Mr. Lachezar Petkov, Acting General Secretary of BSMEPA and Director of the Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises Directorate, BSMEPA, gave a presentation to newly arrived representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps.



The event is linked to this year’s edition of the “Introductory Seminar for Newly Entered Foreign Diplomatic Corps Representatives”, which is divided into four modules. BSMEPA took part in module 2 “Bulgarian Economy, Energy and Tourism”, where Mr. Lachezar Petkov presented the topic “Internationalization and Development – Initiatives in supporting Bulgarian SMEs”. The organization of the seminar was provided by the Diplomatic Institute and was held in the building of the Ministry of Economy and Industry. The participants were from various representation such as Brazil, Poland, Cambodia, Hungary, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Norway, Mongolia, India and others.

During his presentation, Mr. Lachezar Petkov presented to the audience information about the results achieved by the Agency. Among them was the mechanism of the Organization for Economic and Cooperation Development (OECD), Nation Contact Point (NCP) for responsible business conduct, which is located in the BSMEPA. He presented NCP – Bulgaria, as well as the activities with which it is engaged.

Lachezar Petkov concluded his presentation with an appeal to the newly arrived representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps that BSMEPA is always ready to provide assistance when necessary and is open to international cooperation.