BSMEPA took part in the Ministerial meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development "Responsible Business Behavior in the Global Economy" in Paris


BSMEPA participated in the Ministerial meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development “Business Responsible Behavior in the Global Economy”, which was held in Paris on February 14 -16.

The Executive Director of BSMEPA Boyko Takov as head of the National Contact Point for Responsible Business Behavior was part of the official Bulgarian delegation led by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev.

In the framework of the plenary session dedicated to NCP the Executive director of BSMEPA started that the role of the contact points, as well as the observance of responsible business conduct is of key importance for the development of international economic cooperation. ” One of the roles of the Bulgarian NCP is to receive and assist in the resolution of complaints regarding non-compliance with the OECD Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct by any multinational enterprise operating in the country. This may involve mediation between the complainant and the multinational company as well as the public. At the beginning of the year, the NCP Secretariat participated in a number of mediation webinars, in which it gained experience. This conciliatory function of an independent review body allows the NCP to provide impartial assessment and management of cases, emphasizing its role in resolving disputes regarding responsible business conduct”, he said on the role of the NCP in our country.

During the vent, ministers from a number of countries, heads of public organizations promoting the responsible business conduct of multinational companies, and many others took part who during the two days discussed the most important things about corporate responsibility in the global economy.

A Declaration on international investments and multinational enterprises was also signed within the framework of the meeting. The full test of the document can be found here: